1. Something

From the recording Lifiatus

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Featuring Jasmine O'Brien on vocals and Sam Davison on Piano. Initially the song filtered some thoughts and feelings around losing my dog Raps who I had for 10 years, many of those sharing him with my wife Pru. The depth of meaning soon grew as Pru drew on emotions about her mother and others. The lyrics could draw on many aspects of losing someone or something close you or someone you know.


Some holes, some voids, some shoes
Just can’t be filled with anything I do.
Waiting for the day that will never come
When I can touch your face.
In my memory you’ll never age.
In stillness you stay the same.

I’m not used to no having you around
And sometimes with me eyes
I think that I’ve found
A sense of you more than in mind.
Something to hold, something warm.

Gone in body, your soul lives on
In shadows of love.
We hold on to what we need
To get us through every stage of grief
No matter how long it takes.
In my memory you’ll never change.
In stillness you stay the same.