Late in 2019, after saying for about 15 years that “I’m gonna make my own guitars”, I made two steel string acoustic guitars under the experienced tuition of John Buckham in Wauchope. I regularly play both of these guitars in my performances. In 2020 I tackled my second batch of acoustic guitar builds with John, including a small parlour style, OM with a cut away, OM 12 string + cut away and a 5 string fretless bass. Check out my Google Photo's albums of my first two builds from 2019 + the 2020 batch.

In 2021 I started to make No.7 for a customer but my build was rudely interrupted by my home being flooded. Fast forward two years and I'm almost at a point where I can comfortably use my designed space for building again. Stay tuned for info on future builds.

Check out this video of one of John's superbly crafted acoustics being tested.

+ Google "John Buckham guitars" and check out any other info you can.