From the recording Lifiatus

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The lyrics of the verses discuss making the most of what you’ve got amidst one’s own commitments and the input or influence of others while the chorus comments on the idea of waiting for the opportune relationship, being “the baby”.


Waking up, you should never regret waking up.
The sun is shining on your face even when it’s in the dark.
Pucker up, you spend far too much time sucking up,
to those who never open up, to consider a change of heart.

A one-eyed glance at rainbow’s end.

Once torn open, twice heart’s broken.
The baby’s kicking but it won’t come out until it’s nice and golden,
… and I don’t need that pain hanging around again.

Say the words, and by the way,
I’m human too, I’m listening.

Waking up. Don’t you ever regret waking up.
You need to seize the day and all its Hindrances’ and high’s.
Because some of us can’t escape the world of sleep enough,
to see the light of day again, so open your eyes inside.

And any day now it will rain down on me now.