From the recording Lifiatus

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Featuring vocals by Samara Vallack. The lyrics of this song form a brief discussion about anxiety and depression. Words about the 'dog' refer to the common phrase of the 'black dog', being a symbol of depression. The phrase 'in a choir shouting silently' signifies how many people, as individuals, can be in overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness, without realising they are not alone in sharing these feelings.


Breathe. Don’t try to stall this little motor.
Now it’s on it’s ready to run. It’s on it’s ready to burn.

Keep not tied: the ropes that pull you near or far,
From whoever you are. If frayed they’ll only hold so long.

Keep moving up. Keep heading out. Whichever way’s forward.
We must believe the lost can be found even if only in our minds.
Try to tame the beast out of a dog.
Try to call him back from wandering off, in a choir shouting silently.

Peek outside. The curtain’s drawn but shadows dive,
And dance behind shear light. They move until the day turns night.