1. There For You

From the recording Lifiatus

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Written about my affection for my wife Pru, some of her quirks and facets + about my commitment to being there when she needs me.


If all I’ve got is now to hold on to I’m holding on to what I’ve got.
The room is bright enough with no lights on.
The warmth of you provides a glow.

Well I can’t step in your shoes, but I can be there when chose to walk.
In directions that you take and when you choose to make mistakes you’ll
learn that I’ll be there for you.

I’ll be there for you, ‘tween each day’s shine through.
I’ll be there for you, when the dark shines through.

When the sounds are low or loud your laughter drowns in decibels.
A ticklish heart, a fragile muscle: yours with love, it pumps a pure beat.
Well I’m only 35 and whatever’s mine, it’s not mine, its’ yours.
Whether you’re here or when you’re gone, I’ll be the timing in your song
And words soft or loud.

I’ll be there for you.