From the recording Lifiatus

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The lyrics are conveyed from an assumed perspective of someone who litters. Comments and questions are intended to make litterers consider why they do it. The act of littering is one that is frowned upon by many people yet the action of catching someone in the act + the follow up to the act, i.e. any consequences is a grey area, a mystery of sorts.


I bet you were thinking:
“I don’t need to carry all this waste.
I guess I’ll leave it here and be on my way.
I’m not the only one that leaves a path that’s hard to trace.
You can catch my debris but my scent don’t follow me”.

Only some know why I act this way.
Only like-minded fools who have no shame.
I’ll throw my reputation when I throw my sense away.

I wonder if you’d mind living in a garbage heap.
Your filth could grow deep like on streets of Siam Reap.
A lazy throw of hand stains the complexion of nature’s face
And provides obstacles for the beasts to steeple chase.