1. New Light

From the recording Lifiatus

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Written to describe the rejuvenated sense of loving someone new, in this case my wife Pru. The lyrics hone in on some aspects of my love that are examples of how someone can be smitten with what others would overlook, the simple things. The final words hint at declaring I’ll be there for Pru knowing any baggage she carries.


And I’m up on life this morning.
I’m feeling shiny and brand new.
Was it your skin-neck hair chiaroscuro
That helped me open up my eyes,
A true essence of light?

In your smile I’m sinking gladly
And in your eyes I’m welded to,
And your laugh of vibrance,
Shakes my silence,
And feeds a little boy smile,
And holds me up for now.

And I know whatcha makin’
I’ll be takin’ on.

And I know whatcha cry for,
I’ll be right cause,
I’ll be looking on with new light.