1. Hollow Feet

From the recording Lifiatus

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Hollow Feet is written with the aim to get people to reflect on how they attack politicians for either doing or not doing what is ‘right’ in their minds. It is easy to judge and make hypothetical decisions, but many people are hypocrites are would not be strong enough to commit to making decisions they threaten.


He’s got an idea how to make things right:
An ideal path for us to take.
Opinions, facts and figures multiply.
Misinterpretation leads to blame.

Hi Naïve, you must meet Hypocrite.
I think you might just get along.
Fed by media: regurgitate.
Why such talk of writing wrong’s?

A leader burned for taking stance
Or standing still in gale force winds.
A nation’s weight pauses your sleep.
Decisions rest on hollow feet.

This time I’ll take my own advice.