About Pete

Peter Roberts is a ridiculously talented independent musician delivering his own style of acoustic indie folk/rock, infused with passion and sentiment.  He incorporates a variety of unconventional delivery methods and instruments into his live shows, making him an incredibly memorable one-man show! His quirky stage presence, talent and enthusiasm ensures that his audience is completely engaged from the second he strums his guitar and let's his voice soar.  Click here to read more.

Latest News

 Pete has recently released an album of his original music titled "Lifiatus", a portmanteau of 'life' and 'hiatus". The album explores concepts around the absence or presence of life. It is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and YouTube Music.  The album features collaborations with local musicians as well as students at Camden Haven High School where he has taught recently. He is extremely grateful for the musical contributions made by Jasmine O’Brien, Sam Davison and Aaron Johnson and for the visual art by friends, family and colleagues that features on the album artwork including cover art by Lean Bon of Bassic Brand.  Click here to view the album.