About Pete

Peter Roberts is a ridiculously talented independent musician delivering his own style of acoustic indie folk/rock, infused with passion and sentiment.  He incorporates a variety of unconventional delivery methods and instruments into his live shows, making him an incredibly memorable one-man show! His quirky stage presence, talent and enthusiasm ensures that his audience is completely engaged from the second he strums his guitar and let's his voice soar.  Click here to read more.

Latest News

"NOWEVER" album release 

The late 2019 release of Pete's last album "Lifiatus" seems like a life time ago to him. With help from some friendly Muso's, Pete is getting close to releasing his next album "NOWEVER". He's super excited to share another batch of musical creations he's honed over the last few years. Keep your eyes peeled for notifications about any album release details.

BandCamp Account

Pete has officially created an account as another platform to check out his music and merchandise.